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About Us:
"I met John Magor as the patient scuba diving instructor with a passion for the ocean.  He told me if I could enjoy the small things in nature, I would never be bored with diving…or with life.  At the time, he wanted nothing more than to share that passion whether by introducing others to diving or sharing it with a photograph and a story of the corner of the globe it was captured and how he got there.  I found my own Renaissance Man—a graduate of the School of Hard Knocks with an honorary degree in life experiences far and wide. 

"Necessity is the mother of invention" 

If you live on a 5-square mile island without what others consider to be normal resources, Plato’s proverb prevails…in the late 80’s John was the sought after hair stylist on the island  “would you like to come over for dinner tomorrow--and can John bring his scissors?”  

Today he has little time for haircuts but his man cave (aka The  F Factory) is a magnet for all boys who love toys.  If you own a small business, you need to be as self reliant as possible for financial reasons.  If it’s a small scuba diving business, you better be able to “do it your self” for psychological reasons!  John became a certified air compressor technician and diesel mechanic, welder and fabricator.  When John decided he wanted to become a blacksmith, he discovered You Tube and online shopping—bad combination!  From fine steel, leather, and sustainable woods (from Saba and elsewhere), John handcrafts knives and their sheaths from start to finish.

John set off to travel from England at age 16 and has hardly looked back.  He became a Canadian resident in the 80's.  Once he became a scuba diver, the world became his playground.  We continue to travel as much as our lifestyle allows.  Our lovely new puppy and 3 kittens allow us to share the madness at our home on Saba in the Dutch Caribbean."

Lynn Costenaro

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